Affordable Fire Science Degrees Online – Associates, Bachelors & Masters

Affordable fire science degree programs can be done through a distance learning, or online college degree program. If you are a firefighter with an associate’s degree in fire science you can advance your career and salary from $46,000 to around $80,000 by completing it online. The average cost of an online college program is $5,000 a year.The added expenses of attending a traditional campus based class can increase the cost of a four-year fire science bachelor’s degree from $20,000 to $80,000. So for an investment of approximately $5,000 a year you could almost double you income level!Of course, similar scenarios are true for any level of education, whether you are seeking a certificate, associates, bachelor’s or masters degree in fire science. An advanced degree can increase your employment options. Private sector positions for fire fighters with advance degrees can be more lucrative than local government positions. You can complete it while working. You can download class material, resources, and lectures, video on your computer. You can have access to your professor and fellow classmates with e-mail. Your assignments are available 24/7, just like you are!Online college programs do not come with the added expense of travel, books, and room and board making them an affordable way to earn or complete a degree. Scholarships and loans can reduce the cost even more. Often if you are currently employed as a fire fighter your employer will help with the costs of tuition. Distance learning, or online college education programs are becoming the method of choice for many seeking a fire science degree.